SMAC Services Private Limited is a company incorporated to facilitate and cater all your Society needs as a one-stop solution to society management, accounting and compliance as required by societies such as residential, commercial, condominium, welfare association and association of people.

We are committed to improve and support your managing experience with a mix of human intelligence, tech-intelligence, digitalization, automation and organization in a simplified manner.

Though a start-up company, our team is full of experts having knowledge in the field that varies from one to three decade of work experience, troubleshooting and effective resolutions of every aspect that you may encounter in your routine and in some special cases. We have expert practicing advocates, chartered accountants, financial advisors, structural auditors, fire auditors and many more other professionals and skilled labor on board in our panel to serve our clients better.

Our team of Experts serve you with a strong knowledge base in the field of accounting, finance, compliance, filing, grievance redressal, mediation, gate management and other services.

Our services are so designed to keep you transparent through our digital platforms while you have complete compliances met as required by the Law. We do realize the pain of rendering a thankless job and are committed to ‘SMAC Society = SMART Society’.

We gear-up the process of simplifying your management by acting as a catalyst in the process.

For the purpose, we have a high-end state of the art integrated cloud-based software and mobile application that lets you manage your accounts, bills and vouchers on- the-go with a click of your mouse and your touchpad. Your data with us, is highly secured with regular backup on a daily basis so that in case of any eventuality you don’t lose your entire data. We strictly maintain high secrecy of our client’s data so that none of our client’s data is leaked from our end avoiding those unsolicited calls from state agents. Mere integration of tech-intelligence without human-int can prove a mess, and we take all efforts to avoid it by collaborating human efforts and intel with technology thus our software outsmarts our competitors.

We are also registered with TRAI so that our SMSes are transactional and you never miss on those crucial updates within seconds of your transaction.

We believe in keeping things simple and straight, no advertising gimmicks and marketing lies are few of the principles that keeps us isolated from the bunch of other service providers.

Our services vary from SMAC for Managing Committee, SMAC for Developers, SMAC for Investigators, SMAC for Corporates and SMAC for an Individual.

Let our work speak more than any other means of advertisement and let mouth publicity supersede all other means. We request you for an opportunity to connect for a Presentation at your convenience.

We belive that managing one society is a thankless job done vlountarily as a social contribution. Societies who can, often appoint agencies like us to ease their pain and end-up realizing that their remady is more dangerous than the disease, thus our prime vision is to ease the pain of getting behind an agency and monitoring its timely work. We are committed to completely render the agreed services as per scope of work without any reminders.
We abstain from giving any fake and unworkable promises to our clients resulting in a Mission taken that is POSSIBLE to execute on time.

For SMAC Services Private Limited

Dr. Santosh Mishra – COO,
(Philosophy, Law and Compliance of Co-operative Societies in India)