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Technology, automation and gearing daily assignments through the help and assistance of technology is the need of the hour. Our integrated software is so designed to facilitate a layman accountant in terms of account entries that are automated to bifurcate under relevant heads. Even in case of realizing a mistake, our software is capable of rectifying those errors as per standards expected by the regulatory authorities. Our software and Application, aims to simplify management of day-to-day activities and tasks. It helps both the residents and the managing committee to stay on top of their respective objective. The product features Society Directory, you can access data of all the flats and shops in your society from “Society Directory”. Such features are subject to restrictions imposed by the Managing Committee as to what extent and up to what data can be accessed in common. List of current and previous owners, current and previous tenants, monthly charges applicable for a unit, vehicles tagged with the unit are readily available. Contacts maintenance is a feature wherein you need not save everyone’s number in your phone book, members can connect with each other as and when required and the contact details are readily available, these contacts are further divided in to categories such as Emergency, Medical, Society, Utilities etc., and the same is regularly added with. In Accounts too, Members get to readily see their ledgers, bills and also receive those on emails. The managing committee has all the flexibility to manage housing society accounts through this module. Generate bills, maintain ledgers, post expenses, generate trial balance, balance sheet etc. make Online Payments using secure gateways and get instant receipts. Get SMS alerts for all transactions pertaining to your unit. It is a hassle-free process that eases the pain of getting behind your account manager for trial balance or any other reports. Though traditional manners are required to meet legal compliance, we do have an integrated system called ‘Notice Board’ which is virtual. Members can receive notices instantly from Notice Board. There are two options – Public Notices and My Notices. Public notices apply to all units in the society while My Notice shows only the notices applicable to an individual Unit holder. Members’ Request is a system that manages complaint and compliments by and from members to the managing committee, and vice-a-versa. We also maintain applications for obtaining documents and complaints mechanism in hard copies to facilitate compliance. Go completely mobile with our android application. You would have never imagined you can run a society with your mobile phone. Societies may GO GREEN with paperless compliance management and we will guide you to the extent of it in co-ordination with the registering authorities.

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Modular Accounting System enables any individual, whether familiar with accounting or not, to easily manage multiple accounts and other activities expected under compliance. Bills can be raised on regular, periodical-basis or for any specific purpose as may be required to be raised from time to time.

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Various Registers are required to be maintained under the bye-laws, in addition there are registers that are required to be maintained under the MCS Act added with other miscellaneous registers required to be maintained for meeting compliance as required by other statutory Acts ancillary to management of a Society. Members are required to fill-in specific forms prescribed under the MCS Rules that are prepared under our startup and Foundation services. We assist you to maintain all such files as prescribed under the Bye-Laws and the MCS Rules as well.

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Whether we attend a meeting or not, we are dedicated to maintain the records related to your meetings, ensure its circulation and compliance and also suggest you on time for any corrections in the resolutions passed.